Hello world! *taptap* Is this thing on?

So the math-edu-twitter-blog-department has a lot of things going for it. Twitter Math Camp. A welcome page for those new on the digital block. The Global Math Department.

I feel fortunate to have been a part of the community for over two years now. The ideas and support have been amazing and the professional development is some of the best out here on the net. That said, I want to give back. I started thinking about all the things I loved about the math ed community and what I could do to support both it and teachers as professionals.

Over the last few years I’ve had the good fortune of traveling a bit around the country and meeting other math educators. To chat. To share ideas. To listen. To debate the intellectual work that we love. I believe that the time has come to record these conversations. I want to have a record of our work to share with each other an the world at large. I want to create something that pre-service, new, experienced, and veteran teachers can listen to and be inspired by.

Infinite Tangents is about the voices in education that can too often be drowned out by politics and policies. This podcast is about the work teachers do daily to make their classrooms places where children can thrive. Episodes will focus on happenings in the classroom, teachers reflecting on their practice, and other stories from the front lines.

So thanks for checking out the site. Drop me a line anytime if there is something you would like to hear or someone you would like to hear from. – Ashli

5 Responses to “Hello world! *taptap* Is this thing on?”

  1. Congrats on the initiative: I’m thinking about the opportunity to document conversations between different teacher-educators over some of the things we are chalenged by – Getting a diverse group of teachers from different levels of experience / background to participate in a moderated discussion over something like:

    Homework: what’s the use?

    Grading: how is it useful / helpful?

    Bed, Math, and Beyond: The non-mathematical concernes of math teaching.

    Many former // current PCMI folks would, I’m sure be willing to participate

    • Love these topics and they are spot on for a lot of the content I’ve been thinking about–you ave much better at snazzy names that I am 😀 Thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on roughlynormal and commented:
    Are there any math teachers out there that would be interested in something like this?

  3. To start the list of potential guests for your podcast:
    Michael Pershan
    Fawn Nguyen
    Matt Enlow
    Grace Chen

    Could go on for a while, this is a small subset,, but these people have unique and/or controversial viewpoints that would make for good conversation.

    • Glad to see the people I want to talk to are the same people others want me to talk to! Do feel free to post more (especially if there are specific blogs posts the people have you want to hear more about) or message me on the twitters @mythagon

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