podcast schedule

Hi all! Figured I would post a schedule of sorts so you know when to expect podcasting to begin for Infinite Tangents.

December & January: R & D. I’ll be using Audacity for editing and once I am home and near civilization (electronics stores) I’ll be picking up one of these for recording as it has many positive reviews for podcasting and will work well for recording 1, 2, or group podcasts. Still working on how/where to host the files and I’m learning all about how to format in order to get it onto iTunes. Anyone out there with experience is welcome to post below with suggestions.

Late January: recording will start. I have kind of a nutters travel schedule January – May (Arkansas, Tucson, Syracuse, Berkeley, Seattle, Denver, Saskatoon) and I plan on stalking people at those locations. I’ve just found some articles about recording off of skype feeds, so if that works I might get into some of that as well.

March(???): publishing. I’m putting some question marks there because it’s all going to depend on how good I am at tracking down folk to interview, how challenging the editing process is for a total newb, and how crazy February gets since I have a big project that will consume that month. I also want to have several wrapped up in order to keep to a consistent publishing schedule. It’s a goal.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I want teaching voices to be heard. You are all so amazing to talk to and we have the best edu-nerd conversations when we do get together #pcmi #tweetups #TMC. So let me know what you would like to hear. Thanks. – Ashli


2 Responses to “podcast schedule”

  1. For what it’s worth, I used a Yeti for recording over my videos, and it seemed to work well with my Mac’s GarageBand. Haven’t tried any sort of podcasting. A buffer is helpful for keeping to a schedule. Out of curiosity, looking to do eps of a particular length or just whatever happens is what’s used?

    • The Blue Yeti is what I’m planning to get and being PC based turns me to Audacity for putting it all together. For length I’m going to shoot for between 10 and 20 minutes. Something a teacher could listen to on the way to/from work. I suspect there will be some specialty episodes that may go longer, but it’s going to depend on how the conversations/interviews go in the end.

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