Episode 103: Tina Cardone

We’re back to long form (around 50 minutes) this week with Episode 103 featuring the wonderful Tina Cardone of Drawing on Math. You can either download the podcast directly or subscribe to Infinite Tangents on iTunes. Below are some links to things discussed in the Podcast. Don’t forget to reply to Tina’s question in the comments and send in your response to this weeks’ prompt before next Thursday!



Productive Struggle

CME Textbooks (best textbooks ever!)

Tina’s Question for You: What sort of online resources are you looking for and what would make the current online resources more widely accessible?

Prompt for next week: What do you do during lunch?

Feedback is always appreciated and can be given using the ‘feedback‘ link on the right hand side of the blog.

Thanks for listening!

2 Responses to “Episode 103: Tina Cardone”

  1. It’s a good question; I suppose what I’m looking for most is ideas. I always feel like I need to tweak “ready made” stuff to be more me, though it’s good in a pinch. What I prefer is when I can assimilate and adapt resources to my needs.

    As to increasing accessibility, I think there’s just so much in so many places that even an index won’t help… does it really come down to word of mouth? I suppose I really have no answers.

    I do have a “Choose Your Own Exam” though, along the lines of what was mentioned. Cheap plug, find an explanation here:

  2. […] than pull out our hair re-inventing the wheel.  Listening to myself talk about planning on the Infinite Tangents Podcast last week brought a few messages to light (expert editing on Ashli’s part, plus a unique […]

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