Episode 108: NCTM Trivia — Play-along!

This is going to be a noisy one, but there is only so much one can do when recording in a bar full of math teachers. Episode 108 is for fun and the [explicit] label is due to being in a bar and not having control over the roar of the crowd as answers are read.

This trivia night was hosted by Desmos (amazing thing they got going on there and great people to boot!) and Mathalicious (if you don’t follow them you are missing out on some quality lessons). For your own amusement, go here to download a copy of the trivia questions to fill out before you listen. You can then score yourself (or get a friend involved–heck, make it a math department event!) and listen as MC Dan Meyer reads out the answers and announces the winners.

As always, you can grab the podcast over on iTunes, or download it directly from libsyn.

If you want to read more about some of the sessions at NCTM 2013, check out Math Recap.

Make it a great week everyone!

One Response to “Episode 108: NCTM Trivia — Play-along!”

  1. […] trivia session at the end of a long day of math sessions – with emcee Dan Meyer. There’s a great blog post on the trivia night but if you want to have a “student friendly” link to the actual trivia […]

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