Episode 109: @cheesemonkeysf, Part 1



After a delightful lunch with Avery and Bree, today’s guest and I sat down to chat about her history in the teaching world, some thoughts on teaching middle school, and musings about the twitterverse. You can download the mp3 here.

And hello to visitors from the Math Forum! Many thanks to them for listing Tangents in their most recent newsletter. If you’ve never had a chance to check them out, I highly recommend their Problems of the Week as a place to start.


In case you are wondering what Sam we’re talking about, you can find him here.

The Math Forum’s EnCoMPASS program.

Children Doing Mathematics by Terezinha Nunes and Peter Bryant.

Cheesemonkeysf’s Question for you:

How are you working to create a shame-free environment in your math classroom that leaves space for everyone to experience their mathematics in their own way?

2 Responses to “Episode 109: @cheesemonkeysf, Part 1”

  1. Regarding the idea of a safe environment, I think some of it can come down to the attitude one projects – was talking about this with some colleagues earlier actually. Like greeting students at the door, thanking them for giving an answer be it right or not – plus usually there’s at least something right in what they say. I also allow myself to make mistakes, goodness knows I have issues with “left” and “right” in the best of times, so when it comes to transformations, I tell them to call me on any slip-ups.

    Does it work? Dunno. But can’t hurt, I guess. By the by, I also hooked into blogspot before anyone could advise me otherwise. (shrugs)

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