Episode 112: @maxmathforum, part 1

Happy June! Congrats to everyone out there who has wrapped up their year and three cheers for those with weeks left to go–you can do it!

This week we hear from Max Ray of The Math Forum about the identity of Dr. Math, pro-tips for teaching geometry, what is critical when giving written feedback, and what he does at The Math Forum.

Check out Max Ray’s latest Ignite talk at NCSM 2013: Tweet Me, Maybe?


Call for submissions!

What did you learn this year? About your Students? Your teaching? Education? Tangents is putting out the call for submissions from you about your school year for a special Year in Review episode. Maybe you have a sentence or two, maybe you have 10 minutes of thoughts from this year. I recommend using Audacity as you can send me the raw file either via a dropbox connection or another method of your choosing. Thanks in advance!

One Response to “Episode 112: @maxmathforum, part 1”

  1. […] Math Forum superhero, author, and all-around cool guy: @maxmathforum […]

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