Episode 114: @wahedahbug, part 1

Sometimes life gives you lemons and other times life sends you to an island where you get to eat fresh mangos. Just don’t offer any to @wahedahbug–she thinks they are gross. Last Spring I had the good fortune of visiting @wahedahbug at her home in Hana, HI. She is every bit as epic in person as you would expect and the kiddos of Hana are lucky to have her.  And since she cannot be contained, part two will be up in two weeks.

Check out @wahedahbug on twitter or on her blog or through a window into her class.

Hope everyone is making a great start to their year. Please feel free to drop a line with comments/queries or if you would to have something you are doing in the Math Ed world signal boosted.


One Response to “Episode 114: @wahedahbug, part 1”

  1. Very interesting! I figured teaching in a small community would have a certain vibe, but I hadn’t considered teaching on an island… so combining the two, that certainly brings it’s own challenges.

    I wonder if better technology is actually making us into worse problem solvers, because we expect that technology can solve everything for us… particularly since humans aren’t that great at number sense in the first place.

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