Episode 117: @lmhenry9, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my interview with @lmhenry9 where she shares some tales from TMC12, meeting tweeps, and discuss the changing landscape of teaching.

You can find today’s guest on twitter or on her blog. Check out information on Twitter Math Camp here.

Interested in seeing more of the cool things math educators are up to online? Check out the Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere website and join in on the 8 weeks of awesome!

Please feel free to drop a line with comments/queries any time or head over to iTunes to leave a review! Use the hashtag #8Tangents to talk about the podcast on twitter.



2 Responses to “Episode 117: @lmhenry9, part 2”

  1. I was directed to your podcast from the 8 weeks of awesome, (MTBoS challenge), and I enjoyed it. I would love if future podcasts focused on some of the awesome resources out there, and how people are using them in their classrooms. I blogged about it here http://verticalasymptote.wordpress.com/2013/11/03/infinite-tangents-tmc-and-graphing/

  2. As far as when to use technology for graphs and when to do it by hand, I think in a sense you answered it. If you’re just using integer values, like with most lines, or factored form, you should do it by hand. You get to see the relationships and connections “first hand”. If your roots or axis of symmetry is going to be irrational or decimalized, head to the calculator or equivalent.

    This might even be a good question to toss out at student. In fact, why is x^2 + 3 so much easier to graph than x^2 + x + 3? At what point do you find graphing challenging? Hm, maybe that’s a better answer – go to the technology when you start to think a graph is more tedious than challenging. Meaning it may be different for everyone. But then that’s just my thoughts.

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