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Halloween Special: Welcome to Night Tangents

Posted in Short Form on October 30, 2013 by Ashli

October is my favorite month. Welcome to Night Vale is an awesome podcast. I decided to do a parody podcast in the theme of the season.

This podcast is purely fictional and any names, websites, or other nouns used in the podcast are meant solely for amusement. It’s also about 13 minutes long, so don’t feel like you are committing to something huge here :]

As always, you can find today’s episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or by clicking this link.

Goodnight, fair listeners. Goodnight.

Episode 108: NCTM Trivia — Play-along!

Posted in Short Form on April 28, 2013 by Ashli

This is going to be a noisy one, but there is only so much one can do when recording in a bar full of math teachers. Episode 108 is for fun and the [explicit] label is due to being in a bar and not having control over the roar of the crowd as answers are read.

This trivia night was hosted by Desmos (amazing thing they got going on there and great people to boot!) and Mathalicious (if you don’t follow them you are missing out on some quality lessons). For your own amusement, go here to download a copy of the trivia questions to fill out before you listen. You can then score yourself (or get a friend involved–heck, make it a math department event!) and listen as MC Dan Meyer reads out the answers and announces the winners.

As always, you can grab the podcast over on iTunes, or download it directly from libsyn.

If you want to read more about some of the sessions at NCTM 2013, check out Math Recap.

Make it a great week everyone!

Episode 107: Tips for Pre-Service Teachers Part 1, a Principal’s Advice

Posted in Interview, Podcast, Short Form on April 25, 2013 by Ashli

Today marks the first episode of an ongoing series focused on tips for Pre-Service Teachers. I sat down with a principal (fun fact: he was my principal!) to ask a few questions about interviewing, demo lessons, working with peers, and what advice he had for first year teachers. If you are a pre-service teacher and there are things you’d like to hear on a future entry in the series, send me a note at ashli (dot) black (at) gmail (dot) com.

As always, you can grab the podcast over on iTunes, or download it directly from libsyn.

Don’t forget to check out the DITLife Tumblr  and record your own DITLife entry for Tangents!

Next week: the illustrious @cheesemonkeysf

Episode 106: DITLife

Posted in Podcast, Short Form on April 18, 2013 by Ashli

Due to the craziness known as NCSM and NCTM, I’m switching up the plan a bit for this week. The Day In The Life of an Educator Tumblr came out last year and featured posts from teachers from all over sharing their days. Most posts went up on the planned day of November 17th, and since then entries have been petering off. I would like to make DITLife a regular thing here at Tangents and once a month (or more!) feature a teacher telling us about their day. Today’s cast features a conversation I had with Tina Cardone about the tumblr, some teaching anecdotes (never bored!), and how you can submit.

You can find the episode here, or catch it over on iTunes.

Links from the Episode:

DITLife Tumblr

Julie’s video entry

You still have time to turn in a prompt for next week! Introduce yourself and let everyone know what your favorite snack is. Once you have it recorded, shoot it off to my email: ashli (dot) black (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Episode104: Illustrative Mathematics

Posted in Prompts, Short Form on April 4, 2013 by Ashli


We’re on Short Form this week and I’m on the road. Thanks to the teachers who submitted their answers to this week’s prompt: what do you do during lunch? You can find the episode here, or catch it over on iTunes.

Do use that feedback link over on the right-hand side of the page to let me know what you want to hear or if there is something you would like to contribute to the podcast.

Links from the Episode:

Math Mistakes, (by @mpershan, see his blog here)

One Good Thing (by @rdkpickle, the post that started it all)

Illustrative Mathematics (Fractions Progression Illustration, Draft SMP Illustrations, search by standard for tasks)

Episode 102: GReader is Dead, Long Live RSS

Posted in Podcast, Prompts, Short Form on March 21, 2013 by Ashli

: (

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast! We’re on Short Form this week which means there are multiple topics covered and you’ll get to hear some responses to last week’s prompt: How do you start your teaching day? You can find the episode here, or catch it over at iTunes when the feed gets picked up (hopefully sometime Thursday morning, I’m not really sure how long all this stuff takes).

Links from the Episode:

Daily Desmos

Global Math Department and Julie’s Presentation on GDocs

Readers: Feedly, Flipboard, Newsblur, Digg

Prompt Responders: @fawnpnguyen, @wahedahbug, @samjshah, @johnberray, @sarcasymptote. If you are not following these folks on twitter, I highly recommend!

Next week we’ll be back to Long Form chatting with the delightful @crstn85 of Drawing on Math. Thanks for listening!